Fixed Touring is a non-profit organization to promote cycling in Dallas. We are hoping to give back to the community and sponsor fun rides, Fixed and Free.


Fixed Touring, est. in 2012, is a not for profit bicycle advocacy organization, that provides unique opportunities for Dallas/Fort Worth cyclists to increase bicycle skills, maintenance and route knowledge across the state while decreasing the amount of gears. The goal of Fixed Touring (FXT) is to promote and showcase reliable, self sufficient, and logical means to physical activity...1 gear & 1 bike at a time. Comprised of five officers and members from a variety of backgrounds and professions, FXT is organized just as diverse as the areas we seek to serve.

FXT seeks to increase awareness of cycling and active lifestyle events, promote community-wide physical fitness, and benefit partnering companies/organizations. Our strategy is to influence participation in regular physical activity by associating it with sustainable transportation, promoting cycling awareness, reaching physical activity requirements, spending time with friends, having fun, and seeing the country on two wheels.

Fixed Touring will target riders/non-riders alike and a focus will be placed on developing cycling communities, enhancing cycling awareness, developing active transportation infrastructure and promoting community cycling events. We seek to improve citizen’s attitudes, self-efficacy and perception through a person-oriented and community-driven program, successfully implementing bicycle touring and transportation in conjunction with the recently passed Dallas Bike Plan, local business funding and community organization support.


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