This pays your way for cabins, food, refreshments, and SAG support for each day. Most meals included. Please contact us if you only plan on one riding day. We need full payment to reserve a spot on the ride.


-3 days

-Full SAG support

-Accomodation, meals & refreshments on the included

-Target speed is 15-18 mph depending on weather conditions

-All fixed gear and road bikes welcome


Join us for an epic ride to Turner Falls, OK! The ride will feature full SAG support, cabins for 2 nights, meals and party at the State Park all included with your ride fee. This ride is intended for fixed gear & road bike pace.

Ride Itinerary:

-11/4/16: Meet up at Jupiter House Coffee at 8:30am. We will be loading gear onto the support car and hit the road promptly at 9am. The route is 115 miles and we will stop for proper lunch. Dinner at the State Park as well as celebration beverages will be provided for everyone.

-11/5/16: Optional 50 to 60 mile ride around the area. Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the park provided. Again there will be party.

-11/6/16: Big breakfast, loading up and leaving for Parker Road Dart Station in Dallas at 8:00am. 130 miles included proper lunch stop.

Rider fee: $130, payable to

Additional info:

-You may join us at the State Park in case you are unable to ride Friday morning. Please contact us in case you are considering this option.

-Non-cyclists and Saturday only bikers are welcome! Again, please contact us if you want to join us at Turner Falls and spend a fun weekend with some crazy cyclists.

Routes:    Day One  /  Day Two

Check out our Pack and Prep page for info on what to pack and how to prepare yourself and your gear each day.